A very Short Trip by train


my town is so wet. It’s rainy almost everyday. Just like today. Cold.

and sometimes it’s sucks because i got so many muds at my shoes and my bike. hahah

I want to share some pics of my trip about 2 weeks ago. I and my friend @office, Ninda, had a train trip to Binjai, a neighbour city. it’ s a very short trip!

That day was 10th of December, Saturday. In the middle of office meeting, Ninda wrote something @my notebook:

Let’s have a trip by train!

Then, I answered:

so suddenly!

but, we did the trip. 😀

About 3 O’clock we left the office by our own bikes. It’s a rude biking. We’re in rush @ that time. The Train – Sri Lelawangsa – would leave the station @3.20pm. and that day was saturday! so, it’s very crowded traffic.

At 3.20pm we arrived @Palladium Plaza to park our bikes. Then we had to reach the station about 10 minutes more. well, it’s too late. But, we tried to reached the station and hoped that the train would be late! :p

Finally we arrived @train station about 3.35pm by pedicab. yeaaaahh.. we’re dissappointed. 😦

The next train would leave @5.00 pm. So, we planned to have some snacks and drink. Then we left the train station and had a walking to Lapangan Merdeka. We’re very tired about chasing the train before.

But, the tired feeling was swept away when we saw so many of pigeons @ Lapangan Merdeka. Someone feed the pigeons. And there is about hundreds of pigeons there!

We feed the pigeons also. It’s so fun! After that we drunk and eathing snacks at McD.

@4.00pm we’re back to the train station. Buy two tickets to Binjai. It’s cost Rp.3.000/one way tickets only!

Very Cheap!

eventough the train would leave about 1 hour more, we’re in. Taking some photograps in the perons and the waiting place until our train came and brought us to Binjai!

The train was full,but everyone got their own seats. It’s a new train i guessed because it’s looked new. 😀

I just had some pictures only. I didn’t feel easy to take photographs because many other passengers there.

we arrived @Binjai Station about 5.35pm. It’s the very funny part! We went to the exit way of the station, then enter the locket to buy ticket to Medan in the same minutes we’re just arrived @Binjai! hahahhahahahaha 😀

In the back way home, the train was almost empty. This time we took so many photographs.

But I only uploaded two pics. :p

@6.10pm we arrived in Medan again.

then we went back to Palladium Mall and went home.

A very short trip, huh?! 😀

*I wrote this note 28th of Dec 2011, but published now.. 😛